How My Book Saved My Blog

This is a guest post by Geoff Livingston. A couple of weeks back, I spotted a status update by Geoff on Facebook aluding to how he’d “lost the fire” for his highly regarded blog, and had planned on killing it, but that the fire was back. So, as the opening post on a series about how blogging is evolving, I asked him about it. Over to Geoff…I recently released Marketing in the Round with Spin Sucks blogger and PR strategist Gini Dietrich. During the drafting period and the in between phase leading up to the book release, I had actually been planning the end of my blog in the fourth quarter of this year.

After six years of doing this, I was tired, and blogging/writing once a week. A blog war, a flood and the end of an exhausting start-up had really zapped my creativity. I had nothing left to say, and readership had dwindled.

But as Gini and I began talking about the book this spring, which is on integrated marketing, it became clear that people didn’t really get how social fit into the larger marketing context. And that the basic strategy precepts we were offering were new to many folks. People wanted this information, too!

I realized I had something to say after all! That fueled me.

My interactions with my co-author Gini have been fantastic and inspiring. She is fricking brilliant. Just talking with her sparks new ideas and concepts and thoughts. Gini’s daily dedication to blogging, and her adamant refusal of the “blogs are dying” meme is contagious.

I owe Gini so much for the impact she’s had on my writing this year. Truly, she’s had a big influence on me.

Finally, I just love writing great stuff. As a few of our guest blog posts promoting the book were released, people were super impressed. They loved the ideas we were presenting.

In the end, I’m a ham. I need an audience. My second blog never developed the RSS readership and following of The Buzz Bin. While I have rivaled it in traffic at times, it’s not been the same.

The combination of blogging a few times a week on, once a week on Inspiring Generosity, and then writing privately or guest blogging the other three days a week (yes, I write every day, even on weekends) has fulfilled the need for larger audiences.

Writing every day reinvigorated my idea machine. I literally have a running list of 15 blog topics for right now on my iPhone. As new ideas pop in, I added them. I haven’t had a running list this long since 2008-9 when the Buzz Bin peaked.

How long will my current streak continue? Well, with 15 ideas on the iPhone and three posts a week, we’re looking at least July. It feels like it will go much longer. I’m just riding the wave.


Geoff Livingston is an author and marketing strategist, and serves as VP, Strategic Partnerships for Razoo. A former journalist, Livingston continues to write, and most recently he co-authored “Marketing in the Round”, a book that shows you how to get more value from all your marketing and communications channels integrated together.