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Menshn: The 7 Minute Abs of Social Media

So there’s a new social media kid on the block today: Menshn. The genius *cough* lovechild of MP Louise Mensch and digital adviser (whatever one of those is) Luke Bozier, Menshn has been launched “to rival Twitter” according to the BBC News website.

Apparently Mensch has grown frustrated with Twitter and so decided to set up her own microblogging platform that is more organised around focused topics. So what happens when you join Mensch…or Menshn…whatever? You automatically get 100 randomly selected subscribers. Um…what? Very focused then…

Oh yeah, and the big differentiator as far as I can tell is that…wait for it…Menshn has a 180 character limit, rather than Twitter’s 140. See, I told you it was genius. It reminds me of the ‘7 Minute Abs’ scene from There’s Something About Mary:

I swear, if it was April I’d mark this down a a rather obvious April Fool’s joke. Except it’s June…

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