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About FutureComms

In the early 2000s, futurist Ray Kurzweil put forward a theory called “The Law of Accelerating Returns”, proposing that the rate of change in a variety of evolving systems increases exponentially. Due to social media and the changing media landscape, the communications industry is now one of those systems, developing at a frightening pace. So there’s a lot of fear out there among business owners and marketers alike, struggling to keep up with and adapt to the new environment.

As a consequence, there’s a lot of rubbish peddled about digital communications in the blogosphere. And such is the influence of the social media echo chamber that many make incorrect assumptions that this nonsense is best practice. FutureComms aims to cut through the crap.

If you know where to find them, there are some fantastic bloggers out there writing original and insightful content; bloggers who are a lot wiser than me. FutureComms pulls together some of their best thoughts on how the communications industry is evolving, delves into areas such as buyer behaviour and consumer psychology, and reports the latest trends in digital media. All filtered through the eyes of the people who know.

It’s my belief that communications blogs should be by people, for people and about people. And so FutureComms is both by and for the challengers, the visionaries, the people who are prepared to speak out and to make a difference. It’s a blog that presents original, honest and challenging views and opinions on the communications industry. It will challenge your assumptions and question some of the stuff you’ll read elsewhere.

So if you want tips on updating your Facebook page or how to use Twitter, FutureComms isn’t for you. But if you want to have your thoughts and assumptions on social media, PR, communications technology and digital marketing challenged, to break free of the crowd and to develop as a communications practitioner, please stick around. Comment, share and become a valuable part of the FutureComms community.