Martin Wingfield, Head of Content & Social Media, AXA UK

"I approached Paul to help AXA with a particularly challenging brief which required a combination of strategy & fast but brilliant creative execution. Paul was fantastic at grasping the challenge & helping my team navigate a challenging project that yielded brilliant results. The campaign took our use of social media to a whole new level." … [More]

Paul McDermott, Head of Ecommerce, Poundland

"I've found it very difficult to find the right social media help, but Paul is a gem. He simply gets it. And he’s able to communicate practical tips & advice that can quickly be put to use. Paul helped us from strategy & campaign planning to tactical execution & results measurement. He’s an excellent advisor & pushes his clients to always do better." … [More]


Golden Wonder: Crunch Time

To combat Walkers dominant market share and media spend, Golden Wonder wanted to ignite buzz around the brand. After monitoring online conversations, I identified that the changing colours of crisp packets was an emotive issue. So we set about triggering debate and poking a stick at Walkers through social media channels. For maximum disruption, we devised an online … [More]

giselle bundchen

Practical Action: Tech for Poverty

The Rio20 Earth Summit in June 2012 was a one off opportunity to publicly address the issue of energy access, and international development charity Practical Action wanted to ensure that opportunity was not missed. I devised an influencer engagement programme focused on spreading Practical Action’s message and developing evangelists in the digital and tech online … [More]


BSkyB: Uncovering London

In Spring 2011, Foursquare was the bright new kid on the social media block. BSkyB's HISTORY TV established a unique partnership with the network to position the channel as an exciting entertainment brand. I devised a launch strategy that used key influencers to encourage Foursquare users and HISTORY viewers to ‘uncover the history of London’. By checking-in to any of … [More]


Goodyear: Driving Engagement

With a long and rich history of innovation and an outstanding reputation for developing road safety, Goodyear is one of the most famous tyre brands in the world. And yet its social media channels were lacking passion and personality, and subsequently suffering from very low engagement. I devised a social media content strategy that embraced Goodyear’s company culture … [More]